Self-Confrontation Bible Study

The Bible will not only help you face, but will also help you conquer the sin in your life. When Holy Spirit places a Scripture on your heart, ask yourself these six questions and take action.

1. What does the Scripture say? (In context, note who is speaking, who is the audience, and the purpose of the message).

2. What does the Scripture mean? (From the context, what do you glen from it? What is Holy Spirit revealing to you?)

3. What do I need to change based on what the Scripture mean? (Put on and put offs – Ephesians 4:21-24) This process takes time and brutal honesty. You must identify your sinful behaviors to replace them with godly behaviors.

4. How am I going to change? (Be very specific how you will spend your time replacing the sinful behaviors. Review your put offs and put ons.)

5. When am I going to change? (Be very specific about when you will start and what it will look like.)

6. Who will hold me accountable. (This always has to be someone who loves you enough to cut through any BS!)