Be A Positive Influence

Remaining positive can be a challenge – especially in the sensationalist society we live in today. You would think that nothing good happens in the world if you turn on any news station. The mainstream media knows that bad news sells – people are far more likely to spread bad news than good. That’s a sad fact and it’s to our detriment. Of course, the media will find something or someone else to blame for the cancerous affect of the bombardment of evil on the air.

The good news is we have alternate sources to receive information – social media, blogs, and pod cast to name a few. Of course you have to use discernment when choosing these sources as well, but in my experience, you are far less likely to be bombarded with propaganda. In many cases you are able to vet the individual providing the information. Better yet, you can also be a source of good news.

Why is this important? Two words – mental stability. I am hearing about and talking to more and more people who say they suffer from depression, anxiety, and stress – many of which are now taking meds. Pills are not the answer. We have to discern and reject lies, but stand firm on the truth. The truth is, there is far more good in the world than evil, but we must choose to see it – our mental health depends on that.

“Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression, But a good word makes it glad.”

Proverbs 12:25

A great way to maintain good mental health is to stay connected with positive people and /or influences. Also, by being a positive influence in someone’s life, we contribute to their good mental health and our own. We should make a point to share a good word with someone everyday. As I mentioned, this can be done through social media post, blogs, pod cast, or best of all – in person.

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  1. Many many years ago, I was a strong promoter of group hugs when the staff seemed stressful or the work day got difficult.

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