Surviving Covid Part 2

The next step I knew I had to take was to start the vitamin supplement protocol my wife was on. I required high dose of:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Zinc

My medical provider explained that Zinc would take out basically any virus, but you need Vitamin C and D to get it to your cells. I had no problem with that – now I had a game plan. In the mean time, the symptoms just kept piling up. The migraines were the worst as far as pain and just totally shutting me down. But the shortness of breath and fatigue was just down right frustrating and depressing.

While I sat in my “lock down” chair, I could breath fine and could even relax a little. However, the moment I stoop up my lungs just simply said “nope.” My breathing immediately became labored, I got lightheaded, and I wanted to sit down that second. Going to the bathroom was like running a 5K. I struggled for about two days this way – I thank God it didn’t last longer. I did learn a few of tricks that helped. First, I slept on my stomach. My lungs felt so much better and I could breath deeper while I was sleeping. Second, get up slow. The slightest exertion seemed to trigger an inflammatory response in my lungs. When I took my time getting up I found that I could get a good breathing rhythm going without having a coughing fit. Third, I listened to and read positive things. This virus, bio-weapon, whatever you want to call it will literally crush you to your soul if you let it. Don’t give it a foothold.

Getting through the next week basically consisted of eating when I could tolerate it and sleeping. I had no energy for anything else. I lost a total of 22lbs so far through this craziness. I don’t mind losing the weight – it needed to come off anyway. But to lose it in three weeks without doing anything is not the healthiest program I would argue.