Surviving Covid Part 1

I have to start by saying that I don’t know if I suffered from a variant or not. I can say that what I have experienced is nothing short of something demonic. In my entire life I have never experienced symptoms from a so called virus that I experienced with Covid.

The first few days were there worst. I woke up one morning and realized that I couldn’t smell anything. We love to use essential oil’s and I always have a favorite going in the diffuser. I even opened a bottle of one of the stronger aromatic oils and put it up to my nose and couldn’t even detect a hint of the oil. I thought “oh great, but it could be worse.” No truer statement could have been spoken. I went into my bathroom and turned on the light – that’s when I entered Covid crazy town! The light became super intense and my head started pounding. I thought it had to be a migraine based on descriptions from friends I know who suffered from them. This was a first for me. I hit me so hard I could barely stand up, I thought I was going throw-up. I stumbled back into my bedroom and literally dropped to the bed holding my head. All I could think was “What the heck is going on?!”

It took me several minutes to gather myself. I was breathing hard and I then realized I was dripping in cold sweat. My wife, who had suffered from symptoms for several days at this point (nothing like what I was going through now), had already started her morning routine and came to check in on me. She asked, “Are you ok?” I said, “Honestly I don’t know what’s wrong with me, this is weird.”

See, I have to explain something. My wife and I are really serious about our health. We fully believe the old saying “An once of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. For more than a decade we have eaten organically, removed toxic chemicals from our home, and have learned many homeopathic health techniques to keep our immune systems in peak shape. I understand that doesn’t guarantee you won’t get sick, but we have found that by God’s grace we have been very healthy over the years by being careful what we consume.

I had heard some people suffered shortness of breath, fatigue, etc., and based on what I had already seen my wife go through I thought I knew what to expect. That would be a hard no. After a couple of minutes I was able to get it together enough to stand up again but I was still not sure footed at all. I made it down my hallway into the living room. I could tell things were starting to go south again so I just focused on getting to a chair in the corner of the room. I flopped down in what would become a sudo prison for me for the next 10 days.