A Childhood Lesson

There is no shortage of crazy in the world right now. I found myself asking when did this get so far out of hand? The weirdest thing happened, I started thinking about when I first heard the child Bible song that goes “Be careful little eyes what you see….” I was just a kid then, but the more I thought about it – if I had heeded that song in my adult life I could avoided so much pain.

We now worry about “big brother watching” – but what about the Father who doesn’t miss a beat?

Then I got a kick in the pants. I like binge watching TV shows, and occasionally watch a movie (old Kung Fu movies are my favorite). Anyway, I started critically thinking about the shows I watch to “escape” and relax. I make a point of watching things that are clean – or at least they appear that way on the surface. I realize that nearly every show subtlety pushed an agenda, and it’s usually a social/ political hot button. The way situations are presented you are forced to accept a certain premise – so you can find yourself rooting for a hero/heroine who are morally bankrupt. When did it become okay to accept the lesser of two evils?

Obviously, I have a choice as to what I continue to watch (we all do) and these are my observations. In light of everything going on in the world, I shouldn’t be surprised to receive a prompt to be careful what I see, hear, and say. Thank you Jesus.