Deal with the root

The Word was given to conquer sin, not as a bandaid to keep up appearances. Every problem you have or had in your life can be traced back to sin – whether the affect was indirect or direct.

I hear “just comply with the guidelines” and things will get better. I got news for you – unless your compliance is to Jesus the problem won’t go away. Sin, or our Self Indulgent Nature, is the root of all our social, economic, and racial issues. I don’t need a board, a committee, our a discussion group to tell me how to get along with others, how to spend my money, how to care for my family, or to care for my health. God’s Word gives instructions on each and everything I need.

Listen, if you want a permanent fix to the problems in your life, deal with the sin at the root. That’s what Jesus came to do. If you are a spiritual leader, pastor, or teacher – I don’t care how many letters you have behind your name – if God didn’t give it to you, you shouldn’t giving it to anyone else. You don’t need to add to it, or take away from it. This world needs the medicine God gives full strength without the sugar cube. We don’t need to be good at doing church – we need to be great at BEING the Church!

IF you are tired of the lies, stop listening to them. Just think about the collective hours spent on FB and the media. I believe If the church spent even half of that time in the Word and doing what it says we would experience the environment in Acts 2:37-47 again.

If I come across like I have all the answers, I do – and so do you if you believe and trust Jesus. Living like we have it is how see the transformation.