Is it important or just a distraction?

At this stage in my life, my kids are adults and I’m prayerfully a little wiser, God put two things on my heart – be intentional and keep balance. I found I have to be “present” in everything I do, which is so much easier said than done. The world makes avoiding distractions somehow appear being irresponsible – especially if it’s work, politics, family drama, etc. But I have to continually ask myself; “What does God say is important?” – that’s where the need for balance comes in:

1. I can only deal with what’s in front of me and what I actually have influence over – everything else is a distraction.

2. Give whatever I do 100% – that means everything from a conversation with your wife, meeting with a friend, and work – anything less will feed stress, anxiety, and worry.

3. Take a day each week to rest, reflect, and focus on the goodness of God. Think it’s impossible? I thought so too until I did it – and I was surprised at just how much Holy Spirit wanted me to hear.

Stay blessed brothers and sisters.