Peace of God

God gives us peace that surpasses understanding. In those times – especially after deep diving into the Word, I can see the world with different eyes.

I can see how He is working and the chaos around me doesn’t matter.

The world has an agenda, and that is to anchor you to temporal things. The principal is easy; the more things you have, the harder it is to leave it. Every industry on the planet wants you to have a relationship with every product they make – ensuring loyalty to them. How much competition are they to Jesus in your life? Before you answer – pause for a moment, think about how you spent your time this week. How did you spend it today? Did it bring you peace, or more concern?

Take a slow, deep breath of the Word – be intentional without ceasing and prepared to change gears according to His Word. We know how this movie ends, and we all have an important role in it – and no matter how crazy the scenes get, we know good triumphs over evil.

Nothing brings peace of mind, heart, and spirit the way God’s Word does.