Team Player

If you’ve ever been “sold out” for your alma marter or favorite team you understand how it feels when they lose a game. You don’t have to be on court or field – you feel the pain. Ask any humble player and they will tell you the sold out fans are critical for support – a hard lesson some will soon learn.

The reason I’m point out the importance of “sold out” participation is because it’s what it takes to win any battle. For a long time the church as a whole in America hasn’t been “sold out” for Christ Jesus – yet wonders why we were having a losing season. A real championship team has every player working at peak performance (in their skill set) – on and off the field.

Every position is vital for success. When a player is down, the whole team suffers – but we step up to fill the gap. You don’t kick the injured player and blame them for the loss. You make sure you have a deep bench of players always ready – trained up the way they should go (Proverbs 22:6). If we don’t train them they will leave and become free agents – and the enemy loves free agents (our schools are the prime target).

Brothers and sisters here’s a few questions I contemplated. Do you know what position you play in this game of good vs evil? Have you been showing up for practice to hear from the Coach (Jesus) everyday? Have you allowed the gifts and talents of others make you think you’re a bench warmer?