Real Leaders

We all have the capacity to lead – in fact we are called to do so. Understand, there is a difference between leaders and those who lead. Those who lead are followed by those who believe in why they do what they do, not in what they are doing.

So how do we do it right? How do we reach lost family, friends, people in our community, or beyond? Here’s the not so secret answer – people don’t care what you have to say until they know you care.

I saw this while serving at a men’s homeless shelter. Food, clothing, and shelter met the basic physical need, but empathy and grace is where the healing started. Speaking Truth into the lives of the men was important, but I learned that how I said it was critical. I had to demonstrate the love, grace, and empathy that Christ showed me. They had to see and hear why I follow Jesus.

Brothers and sisters remember; love, grace, and empathy creates an environment of trust, allows authenticity, fosters relationship, and let’s others know you value them. This is how you become one who leads – and not just someone with the title.