Racial Myth

No matter what chaos you see before your eyes, know this – God is in control! Brothers and sisters, it’s time to stop living the temporal life. You start by answering the most important question ever asked by Jesus… “And He said to them, “But who do you say that I am?”

Your honest answer to the question determines how you live your life – empowered or controlled by fear.

Fear, hate, greed, bitterness, self pity, depression, anxiety, bitterness – the list goes on. You are bombarded with these sins from every angle, and there is always an argument as to why they are justified. Don’t get caught up in the lies. Sin of every kind requires self reflection and correction. The world wants us to spend our time arguing about who is right – when truth is none of us are good (Romans 3:10-13). No one can cast the first stone. That’s why we need Jesus!

The Word of God empowers you to confront your sin and overcome it. The confrontations we see in the streets of our cities are symptoms of the real issues in our hearts as the human race. We don’t need marching and chanting – we need kneeling and praying.

Brothers and sisters – warriors for Christ, we know who the real enemy is. Let’s take and hold the offensive position of prayer, worship and praise. The world needs to know how we fight our battles.

I believe there is an all out effort to turn our world upside down – all for the purpose of power! How? It’s not that hard apparently:

First, control the narrative to create a new relative truth in order to create new thought patterns – up is down, down is up. You are told to fear those who protect you, while protection is provided to those who harm you.

Second, new thought patterns are created – be aware of what “new normal” you accept in your life.

Third, the deception recruits willing participants who give up freedom in exchange for security in a world they no longer recognize.

The final stage is where you disregard the Truth and all that you already have. Adam was the first to fall for this type of deception and history has been repeating itself ever since. Don’t just stand for something- stand on the Word or you’ll fall for anything.

“White privilege” is a myth. There isn’t a single person (regardless of skin shade) on this planet that has more privilege than I have. My success and failures are a direct result of the decisions I made.

If you are “white” and feel shamed, get off your high horse. You are letting this false narrative make you believe you are better than other people.

There is no greater privilege than to call Jesus Christ my Lord and to live in the USA. My family is blended beautifully (including several nationalities) – at home and my church family. What else could I possibly want?

You want racism to go away? Stop focusing on race and start dealing with the heart of the individual. Stop calling me a “black” man and start asking for and using my name! Get to know me – that requires time, energy, and a real love. I’m up for it, how about you?