Pump the breaks

Walking with Jesus changes your perspective – He helps you view the world as it shall be.

I ask Jesus to help me see things from an eternal perspective right now. I believe that’s what taking time to “smell the roses” is about. The best things in life are the little things that take time to experience and enjoy…

⁃ Spending time with your loved ones

⁃ Hot soup with fresh baked bread

⁃ watching a sunrise or sunset

⁃ Looking for shooting stars on a clear night

⁃ A good conversation over coffee with an old or new friend

⁃ Chasing fireflies to make a mason jar lantern (awakens the kid in you)

… this list could go on for some time – and I’m sure you could think of a ton of things – if only you had time. The truth is you do. “There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven—” (Ecclesiastes 3:1).

We just have to be intentional about making every moment count.

The world wants you to spend your life at a break neck pace -yet looking back at what could have or should have been. Jesus wants you to be present! Eternity is outside of time – a perpetual now. Your gifts and abilities are laid waste if you spend your time looking at the past in regret. You can’t glorify God with your gifts if you spend all your time planning for a moment you aren’t guaranteed to see.

Brothers and sisters, if you’ve asked for help – pump the breaks. Be still and listen for His reply – you may be surprised at what you hear. Let the world go by, you know where it’s headed, and it’s not your destination.